Zion National Park

On a recent whirlwind road trip to the American Southwest, I experienced some fabulous weather along with great company.  One of our first stops along the way was Zion National Park.  Zion National Park is cut out of the Navajo Sandstone with the north fork of the Virgin River running right through the middle of it.  During our limited time at the park we managed to get in a great late afternoon hike to the top of Angels Landing for some fabulous views.

Zion Valley

Photo of Day

Iao State Park

Today was another great day on the island of Maui.  My wife and I started the day off with some surf lessons in Lahaina.  Wow is that hard work and not nearly as easy as I would have thought.  The guys at Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy were great.  After killing our trapezius and grabbing some a late lunch we headed to the Iao Needle to catch some late afternoon photos.  Here is a shot from the trip.

Icefield Parkway Road Trip Dec 2010

A few weeks back during a very cold weekend, a friend and I decided to drive out to the Icefield Parkway for a couple days to see if we couldn’t catch some great winterscape images.  We were rewarded with a sunny sky and some great opportunities.

Preachers point shot with Canon 5D Mk II, 17-40 F4L, Singh Ray 3 Stop Hard Grad

Preachers Point

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Castle Mountain shot with Canon 5D MkII, 24-105 F4L, Singh Ray 3 Stop Hard Grad


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Reflection of late evening sun off mountain shot with Canon 5D MkII, 24-105 F4L, B&W Circular Polarizer


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